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Cost Time Resource & Timeline

Having a clear understanding to the project layout is the first and most important step to any successful project. We like to take the necessary steps to make sure there is a clear understanding to what is expected. Using CTR (cost time resource sheet) shows the time frame calculated for each part of the project thus determines the overall project calendar as well as helps for final invoices.   


Research and Development is needed to understand the brand positioning, retail environment, and knowing the competition.

Design Ideation

Exploratory drawing or sketches to flush out multiple designs. This process can have multiple reviews and is where clients can provide the most feedback. Usually this will lead into some more detailed 2D drawings or even rough 3D modeled concepts to review as well.

Technical Drawings

In order to make sure the design can move forward for sampling we will need to make a technical drawing know as a Tech Pack. The Tech Pack is file made up of several pages that go into detail on overall design shape, measurement, material, color, etc. 3D drawings or file might need to be include or sent as well. Every time a new sample is produced and reviewed a new TP should be done until you have a final TP design making sure everything needed to make the product is included.

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