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Strategic creative thinking.

“The Bergy Bits”


The name Growler was born from the sea and used by sailors off the coast of Newfoundland to describe large chunks of sea ice that broke away from icebergs, the most notorious were called growlers. Much like the ice breaking away Growlerdesign was born in the same way choosing to set out to be different. Being a smaller company allows us to focus more closely on our client’s needs and bring stronger and more creative solutions. Owner and Designer Greg Vehlies has over 12 years of product design as well as product developer experience with projects ranging from season line plan designs to reverse engineering products to fall within a desired margin.


“....over the years I've had many different jobs and responsibilities which I believe has given me an advantage to look at a project not only with the design in mind but also making sure to get it from concept to consumer ”  


 Shipping and Receiving

a.k.a. alerts to possible package delivery or cat on premises   


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